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Wiki idea

  • everyone can edit, all changes are made public immediately
  • just try it, if you break something it is easy to restore the previous version

registration & login

  • always login using the link in the top right corner



  • use the button on the top of the page

Create a page

  • happens all the time you create a link to a page that does not exist
  • alternatively add a new page by typing the name into the search box in the top right corner, search for it and then click on create apge
  • there are a few guidelines for creating pages (e.g. naming those), see How to contribute to this wiki

Searching & Navigating

Staying on top

  • Special:RecentChanges shows you what is going on
  • you can "Watch" a page by selecting this from the menu next to the edit button - in this way it will be added to your Watchlist (see top right corner)


  • by using the search box on the top right corner
  • search for particular categories and their combinations by using the Multi-category search


  • some interesting statistics and connections in this Wiki can be explored through Special:SpecialPages
  • browse the existing categories and their connections with the Category Tree


For a more detailed guide to formatting see Wiki Markup


  • text
  • italic


  • by using === title === you can mark text as a heading.
  • the number of = translates into the level of the heading


  • work simply by adding * in front of a line
    • to indent, use **
      • still further indented


  1. work simply by adding # in front of a line
    1. to indent, use ##


  • to add a link to a page in the wiki, use two square brackets like this: [[page title]]
  • to add a link to another URL, you use one square bracket [http://something.de]
  • you can give the link another text by adding it after the URL[http://someuglyandlongurl.de with some beautiful text]
  • Homepage des Fortschrittskollegs


  • you can create a table such as the one below, just copy the code from this page
  • every row ends with |-
  • cells are separated by ||
Tag Datum Titel Was wird gemacht? geplante Dauer Ort Materialien
Do 27. November Vortrag Eiki Nestor Internet und Demokratie 1:30h O.A.S.E Forums des Austausches -

upload files

  • use the "upload file" link from the navigation bar on the left
  • then you can link to this content by adding [[Media:filename|some nicer name if you wish]]



  • are added to a page by typing the name of the category in the Category Assignment box at the bottom of the edit page. Multiple categories can be added by separating them with a ;
  • the pages of a cateogory will be automatically displayed at the bottom of a category page

Wiki structure

  • every page should carry at least two categories
    • one assigning it to a type (is it a study, is it a theory, does it describe a relation)
    • one describing its content
  • you can use any categories you like but try to use those outline in The Framework