Boes - Participatory Budgeting: Formal Analysis of Axiomatic and Algorithmic Properties

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About the Ph.D. Project

The Ph.D. project of Linus Boes aims to formalize Participatory Budgeting in order to derive what general implications about practicability, axiomatic properties, fairness criteria and manipulative control can be made.

Background Information

Work on this project was started in March 2019. The current advisory team is composed of Jun.-Prof. Dr. Dorothea Baumeister (computer science, main advisor) and Prof. Dr. Jörg Rothe (computer science).


One of the key motives for Online-Participation is the shared allocation of public budgets through participation. As a result of digitalisation Participatory Budgeting has become an established practice, while its relevance is steadily rising. To maintain said relevance for Online-Participation and to ensure that preferences of participants are represented reasonably, it is essential to theoretically reinforce practicable approaches. For this purpose, techniques of Computational Social Choice (research field of Theoretical Computer Science) may be used to explore problems of collective preference aggregation with methods of Computer Science and mathematical reasoning. Ultimately, a mutual knowledge transfer allows Participatory Budgeting to remain up-to-date and unfold its full potential.