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The term fairness refers to a couple of different realms; an overview is given on the respective page on Wikipedia. In the context of this wiki fairness can be described as the perceived justice of an online participation process. Justice itself then relates to the appropriateness of rules or procedures which shape the process, i.e.:

  • the appropriateness of access to the process, i.e. that nobody is unjustifiably exluded,
  • the appropriateness of interpersonal treatment in the process, i.e. that nobody is insulted or defamed,
  • and the appropriateness of distribution and allocation of goods, benefits, and other outcomes of the process.

Fairness can be regarded as a characteristic of the online participation process as well as an analytical criteria. Thus, fairness describes a feature of the process itself as well as a perspective from which an online participation process can be analysed.

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