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These pages connect Category:Factors to Category:Analytical Criteria or other factors. This could be in terms of cause->effect but also any form of association. All of this should link back to the literature under Studies. For details on possible factors and criteria see Category:Factors and Category:Analytical Criteria respectively, or create a new page for that factor.

To create a new entry:

  1. follow the naming conventions: Factor1-Factor2 (you should try to use a name that already exists - see above) - it should not matter which factor is named first as the page should detail all ways in which the factors could be related
  2. add a new page by typing the name into the search box in the top right corner
  3. add it to the category Relation in the category assignment box at the bottom of the edit page
  4. if a third factor impacts on the relationship, this factor should be added by adding it as a category too