Gadras and Greffet (2014) - Towards a comprehensive approach of online political participation

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Gadras, Simon, and Fabienne Greffet. 2013. “Towards a Comprehensive Approach of Online Political Participation.” International Journal of Electronic Governance 6 (4): 258–69.


editorial of a special issue of the International Journal of Electronic Governance, summarizing a conceptual framework for discussing online political participation

what means "online political participation" varies widely, in particular in relation to

  1. what authors define as "participation", e.g. does it also include reading of news items?
  2. what "technology" authors consider when research online
  3. what authors consider political

authors definition of online political participation: "We therefore define online political participation in a broad sense as: any type of online activity, either individual or collective, which expands the involvement of people in politics and/or questions politics, whether this is linked or not with a direct effect on public affairs." p262

  • this means it focuses on acts that the participants themselves perceive as being political
  • this does not limit online political participation to involvement in political decisions

Review needed!