Kim and Holzer (2006) - Public Administrators' Acceptance of the Practice of Digital Democracy

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Kim, Chan-Gona and Holzer, Marc (2006). Public Administrators' Acceptance of the Practice of Digital Democracy. A Model Explaining the Utilization of Online Policy Forums in South Korea. International Journal of Electronic Government Research, 2(2), pp. 22-48.


What factors determine public administrators’ acceptance of the practice of digital democracy on government Web sites? Since public administrators offer and maintain e-participation, supplying the space for digital participation (here: online policy forums) and utilizing it is a prerequisite for its success.


Based on Davis technology acceptance model, path analysis was used. Participants were public administrators who work in public agencies that have adopted online policy forums.


Of the factors examined, perceived usefulness of online policy forums is the strongest factor affecting public administrators’ behavioral intentions to use online policy forums. Other relevant factors were public administrators attitudes toward citizen participation, knowledge about digital democracy, or IS department support, while other aspects, such as the general attitude towards the Internet or supervisor support, had no significant effect.