Panopolou et al. (2014) - Success factors in designing eParticipation initiatives

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Panopolou, Eleni; Tambouris, Efthimios; Tarabanis, Konstantinos (2014): Success factors in designing eParticipation initiatives. Information and Organization, 24, 195-213.


What are the success factors to implement an e-Participation initiative? What are the main challenges and the most important evaluation criterias to design e-Participation initiatives?


Review of existing literature about “eGovernment success and eParticipation“ success + „european-wide survey and desktop research amongst eParticipation practiotioners.“


Authours reviewed the literature and their own survey to find the key success factors for e-Participation initiatives. Outcome: A proposed model of e-Participation success factors. This model contains 23 success factors, each of them described in more detail, so researchers and practitioners can implement them practically.