The Rules

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Some things to know before contributing to this Wiki:

  1. The articles in this Wiki should be written in English. What is important is to get the message across, not that the text is perfect.
  2. It is necessary to create an user account in order to contribute. This can be create by following the link in the top right corner.
  3. When literature is cited it should follow the basic format for references (e.g. see here). It is always nice to provide a link to the (full text) source.
  4. Copyright Issues
    1. Please do not upload or copy any material that is protected by copyright. This does include copying text from sources (including abstracts), with the exception of:
    2. quotations are of course allowed, but these must not
      1. exceed one-continous page of the source text
      2. exceed 10% of the source text.
    3. So if a reference (e.g. an article or a book section) is summarised, this has to be done in your own words with few quotes. Make sure your own contribution is clearly visible.
  5. Every page that is created must be assigned to at least one category (usually probably even more) by using the category assignment box at the bottom of the edit page. This will also suggest existing categories. Furthermore, a list of available categories is here.
  6. If something is not clear ask Tobiesch (talk)