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List of concepts to add

Here you can find a current (as of April 12, 2017) List of Categories to be worked on. These category pages need to be edited/reviewed. For accessible help on how to do this, see How to contribute to this wiki. Usually, adding such concepts will also mean adding some literature references (here: Studies) too. Please write your name next to the categories you want to work on.

What is currently being worked on

  • Katharina Esau:
  • Tobias Krauthoff:
  • Matthias Liebeck:
  • Daniel Neugebauer:
  • Hilmar Schadrack:

What is to be done

  • wichtig
    • Featured Content
    • wo steht deine Arbeit im Wiki?
      • ist mein Bereich sinnvoll verlinkt
    • erste drei Level der Kategorien müssen vollständig sein
    • alle Hauptkategorien müssen fertig sein
    • dann Schwerpunkte vertiefen

Further todos / Administrative stuff

  • update Category Organization/Organisation
  • do we need a separate Theory section
    • maybe analytical criteria and analytical approaches
  • regular meetings to get it going