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Online participation can be understood as a process with different phases. The phase that follows the active part of an online participation process is when the actual results of the process emerge. It is followed by the impact phase.


This phase can be narrowly understood as simply the end of a participation process with a result. In its most basic form, the result is the collection of contributions that were made during the execution phase. However, analytically it is useful to define it more broadly as the result could also involve the report or the decisions that were made as a consequence of the contributions. The more narrow definition is often called output, while the immediate consequences that follow from it can be termed outcome.

The number and characteristics of people that participated also belong to this category.

In continuous participation processes, when there is no fixed-term phase for the execution phase there is no separate result phase. Instead, results are created all the time in parallel to the execution phase.

An evaluation would analyze for example the Quality of the output.